Welcome to Summer

It’s a busy time as we prepare for and enjoy Christmas. We think you’ll find our garden centres a relaxing contrast to the crowded shopping malls. We urge you to go green this Christmas! Bring Christmas alive with our wonderful range of living gifts, Christmas trees and festive colour.

On behalf of all of us at Dawson’s we’d like to wish you and your family a happy Christmas and a green and growing new year!

What to plant now

Ornamentals-trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals, climbers, alstroemeria, alyssum, begonias, bidens, boston ivy, bougainvilleas, calibrachoa, crepe myrtles, geraniums, gardenias, gazanias, hibiscus, lavender, magnolia, mandevilla, natives, nandina, oleander, ornamental plums, pandorea, petunia, polygala, plumbago, pomegranate, portulaca, roses, salvia, star jasmine, violets, vinca, scaevola, salvia, syzygium (lilly pillies), succulents, weeping mulberries, westringia.

Plant now in your edible garden: Apples, avocados, basil, blueberries, capsicum, chilli, chives, citrus trees, climbing beans, cucumber, egg plant, fennel, figs, grapes, lettuce, mangoes, majoram, mint, nectarines, olives, passion fruit, parsley, peaches, pumpkin, quince, rosemary, sage, rockmelon, spring onions, squash, stevia, sweet corn, tarragon, tomatoes, thyme, watermelon and zucchini.

What’s In Flower This Month: agapanthus, bauhinia, begonia, bougainvillea, frangipani, gardenia, geranium, grevillea, hibiscus, hydrangea, lilliums, magnolia, mandevilla, marigold, oleander, pandorea, petunia, plumbago, poinsettia, roses, salvia, stephanotis, star jasmine and vincas.

Garden Jobs for December

  1. Green the lawn for Christmas with a feed of rock mineral based Eco Emerald. This environmentally friendly lawn food is a Dawson’s staff favourite and also the same lawn food used by most of Perth’s major golf courses.
  2. Now’s the perfect time to plant advanced trees. New season stock in store now.
  3. Apply quality wetting agents like Eco Wet, Grosorb or Aqua Wett to water repellent garden area and lawns. Soil wetters allow water to penetrate deeply and quickly into our water resistant soils.
  4. Spray Red Spider Mites with Mavrik, Natrasoap or Eco Neem. Spray twice, two weeks apart to bring mite population under control.
  5. When Christmas is finished gradually wean your Christmas tree back on to full sun. Move them first into a semi shade area outside and then gradually after a month or so back into the full sun.
  6. Mulch, Mulch, Mulch it’s always a good time to mulch. Coarse grade mulches like pine bark mulch, do a great job retaining soil moisture.
  7. Water container plants growing in hot full sun areas regularly. Remember plants in pots will dry out much faster than plants in the ground.
  8. Climbing roses should be trained to restrict them from growing straight up. This is best done by tying new canes to a horizontal position or by arching them into a fan shape.
  9. Freshly planted roses will need to be hand watered every day during their first summer in the garden. When hand watering give, roses a decent soak. You want water to penetrate deep into the root zone to encourage healthy and deeper root development.
  10. Continue to plant summer vegetables and herbs. Don’t forget the summer essentials, tomatoes and basil!

 Our Top Living Gift Ideas

  1. Bring Christmas alive with your own living Christmas tree. Select from our range including; traditional Norfolk Pines, Western Australian Woolly Bush and assorted Christmas conifers.
  2. Set sail for sizzling summer colours with Aloha Mandevillas. These shrubby climbers are ideal additions to feature pots on the patio, deck or around the pool for vibrant colour. There are five Aloha colours to choose from- Bright Pink, Red, Dark red, Regal Ruby and White.
  3. Poinsettias. Showy red Poinsettias make perfect Christmas table displays or gifts.
  4. Roses. Delight the rose lover or gardener in your life with s truly a rose for everyone.
  5. Designer topiary. Add a touch of elegance with our selection of specially grown topiaries including assorted standards, cones and other shapes. Choose from Gardenias, Hibiscus, Lilly Pillies and much more!
  6. Mangoes. Be quick for these sought after fruit trees, limited stock available!
  7. Gift Vouchers are always a welcome gift. Available for purchase online and in-store.
  8. Spoil them with a beautiful advanced tree. Select from our instant impact range including; Chinese Tallow, Ornamental Plums and Pears, Indian Summer Crepe Myrtles, Magnolia Little Gem, Quinces, Weeping Mulberries and much more!
  9. Festive colour. Dress your pots and baskets with Christmas colour including; Cora Cascade Vincas, Geraniums Big Pink and Big Red and our potted colour range including Petunias and Vincas.
  10. These highly productive berries are a healthy delight. They thrive in large pots and tubs.
  11. Bring tropical magic to sunny courtyard pots and sunny garden spots. These slow growing tropical trees can be kept for many years in large tubs.
  12. Gardenias are deliciously fragrant shrubs that make perfect container plants. Select from creamy flowering forms including Aimee Yoshiba, Florida and Professor Pucci, or unique golden flowering Gold Magic.

Feature Roses

FL Brilliant Pink Iceberg PRObril PBR

Brilliant Pink Iceberg – This vibrant pink floribunda is a form of Iceberg and every bit as good as its parent. Wonderfully easy to grow and quick to re-flower after each flush. It’s a constant performer through the season. Bushy, dense growth, lending itself to hedging and border planting. Height to 135cm.

Mr Lincoln

Mr Lincoln – This classic, dark red flowering hybrid tea has been a constant favourite, ever since its first release almost 50 years ago. Large flowered, richly fragrant, dark red. Ideal for cutting. A tall and vigorous grower, best plant towards the back of beds or borders. Height to 150cm. Mr Lincoln shares the same parentage (Chrysler Imperial x Charles Mallerin) as the other great reds Papa Meilland and Oklahoma.

Pope John paul

Pope John Paul II – This heavenly pure white rose has set a new standard for fragrance in white roses. Large luminous, white blooms are beautifully finished with strong, all day, zesty citrus fragrance. Pope is a healthy and vigorous grower which saw it awarded Australian Rose of The Year in 2010. Height 120-150cm. 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

The Dawson Gardener