Things are hotting up at Dawson’s!

Welcome to November, after a cool and wet start to the season, it seems spring is finally here. It’s time to enjoy your garden and the colour, fragrance and excitement of the season.

What to plant during November

Buddleias: These quick growing shrubs usually grow to 2-3m in height. Buddleias, commonly known as Butterfly Bushes, flower in flushes through the warmer month, producing showy, sprays of butterfly attracting blooms. Buddleias are also great for attracting beneficial insects to your garden. Use them as specimen shrubs or in the background, to bring some height to flower beds. Best in full sun. Prune regularly to maintain shape and vigour. Available in purple, white and pink.

Chinese Star Jasmine: This deliciously scented, evergreen climber is in full bud now and ready to flower. A very tough and ornamental climber once established. Glossy, deep green foliage and starry white, jasmine scented flowers over the warmer months. Ideal easy to manage climber for posts, pergolas or arches. It can even be clipped and trained into topiary shapes. Grows in full sun to semi shade positions.

Coreopsis Corey: A hardy, perennial daisy, with large, yellow flowers. Ideal for pots, flower bed and group planting. Clump forming, growing to 50-60cm high and to 40cm wide.

Designer Burgundy: Use this exciting, new, clump forming Cordyline to create dramatic effects in your feature pots and beds. Forms a neat clump of cascading, burgundy foliage to 1m. Grow in full sun to semi shade conditions.

Geranium Big Pink: Following hot on the heels of the success of Geranium Big Red is all new Geranium Big Pink. Big Pink is easy growing, rewarding and flowers for most of the year. The plant has a semi-trailing, mounded habit, so fills out pots and hanging baskets beautifully. Best in full sun positions. Water regularly and remove spent blooms for non stop colour this summer!

Aloha Mandevillas: Get set for a long summer of brilliant tropical colour with easy grow, Aloha Mandevillas. There are five Aloha colours to choose from- Bright Pink, Red, Dark red, Regal Ruby and White. They grow magnificently well in pots and hanging baskets.

Indian Summer Crepe Myrtles: The Indian summer range of Crepe Myrtles are perfect small-medium trees for modern gardens. As a group, Indian summer range feature: prolonged summer-late summer flowering, attractive autumn foliage colours, develop attractive mottled bark with age and have improved powdery mildew resistance. We have a variety of cultivars available including; Tuscarora (fuchsia pink- near red), Natchez (white) and Acoma (white).

Grevillea Bonnie Prince Charlie: A wonderful, soft-foliage, Grevillea with a mounded habit growing to around 80cm high. Puts on a great show of vibrant orangey-red and yellow blooms over spring and summer.

For your edible garden the following would be ideal to plant now: Apples, basil, blueberries, capsicum, chilli, chives, citrus trees, climbing beans, cucumber, egg plant, fennel, figs, grapes, lettuce, majoram, mint, nectarines, olives, passion fruit, parsley, peaches, pumpkin, quince, rosemary, sage, rockmelon, spring onions, squash, stevia, sweet corn, tarragon, tomatoes, thyme, watermelon and zucchini.

Gardening Jobs for November

Now that the weather is warming up its time to get out into your garden and catch up on those jobs you’ve put off over winter! The following garden jobs should be performed in November:

1. Soil temperatures have warmed now, so lawns will respond well if fertilised this month. Eco Growth Emerald Lawns is an excellent long lasting, environmentally friendly lawn fertiliser to use.

2. Feed roses monthly with a quality rose food or all purpose fertiliser.

3. Remove spent flowers from roses regularly to encourage repeat flowering.

4. Mulch all garden beds now to save water.

5. Plant colourful annuals and perennials now for a great Christmas show.

6. Release predatory mites this month to curb growing red spider mite (two spotted mite) populations. Predatory Mites can be ordered through your nearest Dawson’s store and are delivered through the post.

7. Net fruit trees to protect crops from birds.

8. Plant tomatoes this month. Huge variety of seedlings and advanced starter plants in-store now. Tomatoes also do well in large pots if you don’t have any garden space.

9. Attach fruit fly exclusion bags, hang fruit fly traps like Cera Trap and begin your fruit fly control program.

10. White Cabbage moth is active this month, damaging soft foliaged plants. Control with vegetable dust or Success.

Happy Gardening!