Spoil Your Mum This Mother’s Day

With Mother’s Day just around the corner why not delight your gardening Mum with a beautiful living gift. Petty, pale pink, Mother’s Love roses make the perfect gift as traditional Chrysanthemums in autumn colours. Give a touch of tropical flair with long flowering, easy to grow, Aloha Mandevillas in Bright Pink, Red, Dark Red, Regal Ruby and White. Still can’t decide? Let Mum choose with a Dawson’s Gif Voucher made out to any value, blooming perfect!

Your Mother’s Day Gift Guide

1. Mother’s Love Roses – Our nursery has turned out a special crop of popular, Mother’s Love Roses just in time for Mother’s Day! Its high centred, pale pink blooms make it a perfect gift for Mum on any occasion. Mother’s Love is a hybrid tea rose with cutting quality blooms, it grows to around 150cm.

2. Cyclamen – Our premium quality Cyclamen, are always a popular gift. Wonderfully long flowering, indoor or outdoor colour and perfect for table display. To get the best from your Cyclamen, remember they are an outdoor plant, so if using them for indoor colour, rotate them, after a few days in then give them a few days outside in a well-lit spot, protected spot. Keep them away from heaters. They love the cold, so putting them outside to chill at night suits them just fine. Don’t over water them and avoid watering the leaves as this can lead to fungal problems. Twist off spent flowers rather than cutting them off.

3. Autumn Flowering Camellias – Sasanqua Camellias are star performers in the autumn garden. Sasanquas grow to between 1.5 and 4m high, just perfect for screen and hedge planting. They also grow to perfection in glazed pottery. These are probably the easiest of Camellias to grow. Choose from our huge range incuding traditional white Setsugekka, pretty pinks like Jennifer Susan, Plantation Pink, Rose Ann and Star Above Star and elegant reds like Hiryu , deepest red Yuletide and many more! For a full descriptive list of all Camellia varieties offered by Dawsons and expert growing advice, collect your free copy of our Camellia and Azalea Catalogue in store or view online here.

4. Chrysanthemums – The Mother’s Day Flower, available in a range of autumn colours. Every Mum deserves a Mum!

5. Dawson’s Gift Vouchers – Can’t decide? Then let Mum choose her own gift with a Dawson’s gift voucher made out to any value.

In Your Garden

Flowering this Month: Camellia sasanqua, chrysanthemum, correa, cuphea, cyclamen, dipladenia, dombeya (Cape Wedding Bush), duranta, eremophila, erigeron, Eucalyptus erythrocorys (Red Capped Gum),  gardenia, grevillea, hibiscus, kangaroo paws, lobelia, ozothamnus, pansies, potato jasmine, ptilotus Joey (Mulla Mulla), roses, salvia and violas.

Plant this Month Ornamentals: Azaleas, Bougainvillea, calendula, camellia, everlasting daisies, fox gloves, grevillea, hibiscus, kangaroo paws, lavender, lobelia, natives, pansies, poppies, primulas, roses, salvias, spring flowering bulbs, sweet peas, violets, and viburnum.

Edibles to Plant this Month: Broccoli, broad beans, brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, coriander, climbing beans, deciduous fruit trees, fennel, garlic, kale, leeks, lettuce, parsnip, parsley, potatoes, rocket, snow peas, spinach and strawberries.

Garden Jobs For May

1. Get cracking in the vegie garden – Plant broad beans, rocket, lettuce, parsley, silverbeet, coriander and kale. This will provide months of healthy winter salads and recipe ideas. It’s a good investment in your own health too!

2. Plant winter and spring flowering annuals – May is a real window of opportunity, seedlings planted now will get off to a roaring start, before cooling soil temperatures slow growth.

3. Protect plants from snail and slug attack – Snails and slugs become more active following the first rains. These pests can be particularly devastating to new seedling plantings, so beware! The best defence is a light sprinkle of a quality snail bait like Multiguard Snail & Slug Killer.

4. Autumn Spray for deciduous fruit trees – As leaves are falling it’s a good idea to give deciduous fruit trees a preventative spray with a copper based spray. This helps to prevent over-wintering of a myriad of fungal diseases like stonefruit freckle and shot hole. Spray with Yates Liquid Copper.

5. Sow Everlasting Daisy Seed – Sow following the first significant rains.  Mix seed with sand or potting mix to make spreading easier. Broadcast seed mix over area and then cover with a light sprinkling of soil or potting mix. Keep seedbed moist by light watering until seedlings emerge. Protect seedlings with snail bait.

Feature Roses


1. Abracadabra – As the name suggests has a bit of magic about it. Blooms are variable being sometimes red-black with yellow stripes, sometimes completely red and other times completely yellow. Bred by Kordes of Germany and released in 2012. Like all roses it’s magic! Height to 150cm.


2. Pink Kardinal – Beautiful, rosy-pink, exhibition quality blooms. An upright growing hybrid tea to 150cm. High centred and perfectly folded blooms are packed with 50 petals. The flowers have a long vase life, making this a near perfect picking variety!


3. Spirit of Peace – Large, flowered, apricot- yellow blooms carried on long, strong stems. It has dark green foliage and is a tall grower to around 150cm. There is light “airy” fragrance. Bred in the U.S.A and released in 1992.


4. Peace (also known as Madame A. Meilland) – Perhaps the most famous rose in the world. A classic with fragrant, large, double blooms, of lemon- yellow with pink blushing along the petal edges. Bred in France by Francis Meilland. Peace has its own remarkable story. Budwood was smuggled out of German occupied France, to America where it was propagated successfully. After the war the rose as renamed Peace. Peace blooms were fittingly presented to the delegates at the inaugural sitting of the United Nations in 1945. Accompanying the flowers was a note that read “We hope the ‘Peace’ rose will influence men’s thoughts for everlasting world peace”.