Sizzling Summer Colours

With summer in full swing and the heat well and truly here, you might be tempted to neglect your garden. Just remember your garden needs you more than ever during February! It is also a great time to plant some summer colour in your garden.

In Your Garden

Flowering this Month: Begonia, bougainvillea, butterkins (sida), canna, eremophila, erigeron, frangipani, gardenia, Hibiscus, oleander, strelitzia, and vincas.

Plant this Month Ornamentals: Advanced trees, begonias, bougainvilleas, crepe myrtles, frangipani, geraniums, gardenias, hibiscus, magnolia, natives, pandorea, scaevola, star jasmine, syzygium (lilly pillies).

Edibles to Plant this Month: Banana, basil, beetroot, celery, chilli, grapes, leeks, mint, olives, oregano, parsley, passionfruit, sage, stevia, tarragon and tomatoes.

Jobs To Do Around The Garden

1. Mulch Camellias and Azaleas with pine bark mulch and feed with Sulphate of Potash to encourage bud development.

2. Control sap sucking White Fly outbreaks by spraying with Eco Neem, Natrasoap or Confidor.

3. It’s not too late to plant summer colour! Colourful Vincas, Portulacas and Geraniums including Big Red are amongst the most heat tolerant.

4. Treat dry spots in the lawn with a quality soil wetting agent like Eco Wet or Aqua Wett.

5. Outdoor plants can be shielded in heat wave conditions by temporarily wrapping the outside of pots with cardboard, effectively adding another layer of insulation.

February Planting Guide

1. Buddleia Blue Chip and Ice Chip – These new dwarf Buddleias are a real “chip off the old block!” They are perfect miniature versions of traditional Buddleias, but only grow to around 75cm high and wide with mounded, spreading habits. They have fragrant, butterfly attracting, self-cleaning flowers, meaning little pruning is required other than in early spring each year to set the plants up for another season. These Chip series Buddleias will be right at home in sunny pots, flower beds or as an attractive low border.

2. Alternanthera Little Ruby – An ultra-compact and spreading form of popular Alternanthera dentata. Little Ruby was an overnight sensation when first released a few summers ago. It features striking rich burgundy coloured foliage and stems making it a dramatic contrast and accent plant to introduce to your garden. It grows to a height of 30-40cm and spreads to 60-90cm. Best grown in full sun to part shade conditions. Little Ruby makes sensational low border and can even be clipped into a formal hedge shape and of course it can be used to great effect in tropical theme gardens.

3. Disphyllum Sunburn – A new Australian succulent, just the thing to tame a long hot summer! This pigface type succulent has luxuriant, green foliage and bright golden yellow/orange flowers for much of the year. It is best in sunny conditions and is drought tolerant once established. Low, groundcover habit, spreading to up 1m. Fantastic addition to pots, verge plantings or your succulent collection.

4. Frangipani – It wouldn’t be summer without the constant show of glorious, fragrant Frangipanis. These slow growing tropical trees are at their very best from now till the end of autumn. Frangipanis grow slowly ultimately reaching heights of around 4m x 4m. They are really wonderful small garden trees and perform marvellously well in large tubs and pots for years, so they are a great choice for balconies, decks and apartment dwellers. Choose from our classic frangipani selection of white, pink, tri-colour and sought after red.

5. Aloha Mandevillas – Say “hello” to summer colours with the sizzling colours of Aloha Mandevillas. These shrubby climbers flower their heads off all summer and are so easy to care for. Ideal for feature pots around the terrace, patio, deck or pool. Choose from five summer colours: Bright Pink, Red, Dark red, Regal Ruby and White.

6. Westringia Jervis Gem – An outstanding compact form of native Coastal Rosemary, growing to around 1-1.5m. It is great in coastal soils and conditions and can be maintained as a clipped hedge to 1m. They prefer an open, sunny position with good drainage. It’s white-pale blue flowers are useful for attracting beneficial insects and pollinators to the garden.

7. Standard Blue Potato Bush – Our standard blue flowering Solanum Potato Bushes, are long flowering, feature standards, sure to be much admired in your garden or feature pots. These un-demanding plants are easy to grow, loving sunny spots. Trim the crown occasionally to maintain the standards ball shape and prune back a bit harder each year in later winter to early spring to maintain vigour.

Feature Roses


1. Holtermann’s Gold – A very reliable and much loved, golden-yellow hybrid tea rose with beautifully sculptured, high pointed flowers. An excellent cut flower finished with a sweet fragrance. It is a healthy, medium to tall grower to 150m in height. Holtermann’s Gold is named after 19th century Australian gold miner Benhardt Holtermann. In 1872 a mining consortium including Holtermann, unearthed perhaps the largest gold specimen ever found, the so called “Holtermann Nugget” at Hill End, near Bathurst, N.S.W.

Pope John paul

2. Pope John Paul II – This super, fragrant, pure white hybrid tea, has taken fragrant whites to new heights!  It produces large, luminous, pure white blooms, beautifully finished with a delightful, long lasting, sweet, citrus fragrance. Pope has received top ratings for vigorous growth, disease resistance and form. It was awarded, Australian rose of the Year 2010. Height to 120-150cm.