Sizzling Summer Colour at Dawson’s

Summer is a time to enjoy the riotous colours and relaxing days. It’s a time to maintain, plant and plan for the year ahead.

Garden Jobs for January

1. Protect ripening tomatoes on extreme weather days by shading with shade cloth, hessian, a trap or old sheet to avoid sun scorched, spoiled fruit.2. Container plants growing in sunny, exposed positions will benefit from an application of a water-saving mulch such as a pine bark mulch.

2. Practise good garden hygiene. Pick up fallen fruit every few days. To kill off any fruit fly larvae inside, seal fallen fruit in a plastic bag and leave in the sun for a few days before throwing out.

3. Feed hibiscus (pictured above) monthly until late autumn with a good, balanced fertiliser like Dawson’s All Purpose Fertiliser.

4. Revive heat affected plants by applying a liquid wetting agent like Eco Wet to the root zone and then following up with a weekly feed of Seasol.

5. Continue to “dead head” roses by removing spent flowers to encourage repeat flowering.

Summer in your Garden

Flowering this Month: Agapanthus, bougainvillea, duranta, frangipani, hibiscus, mandevilla, native frangipani, plumbago, stephanotis, and vincas.

Plant this Month Ornamentals: Begonias, bougainvilleas, calibrachoa, frangipani, geraniums, hibiscus, mandevilla, oleander, plumbago, portulaca, roses, scaevola, succulents, vinca, and westringia.

Edibles to Plant this month: Basil, blueberries, capsicum, chilli, citrus, cucumber, figs, lettuce, mint, passionfruit, squash, tomatoes, watermelon and zucchini.

Planting Guide

1. Grevillea Pinky Petite – This tough, groundcover Grevillea has been turning plenty of heads in the garden centres recently. Pinky Petite has soft pink, spidery flowers, contrasting wonderfully with the grey-green foliage. The foliage also has a white reverse, adding more interest. It’s a selected form of Grevillea lavandulacea from South Australia and is great for attracting birds and native bees to your garden. It grows to just 20cm high and spreads up to 1m. Drought tolerant once established and best in full sun positions.

2. Cora Cascade Trailing Vincas – These amazing trailing vincas form a carpet of colour all summer long. They are an ideal addition to beds, hanging baskets and pots, anywhere where there trailing habit can be shown off to advantage. They perform admirably through our summer heat and come in 5 variant colours; Polka Dot, Apricot, White, Lilac and Cherry.

3. Cordyline Designer Burgundy – A real eye-catcher, this clumping type Cordyline is a stunning accent plant with dramatic, burgundy, weeping foliage. Looks outstanding in feature pots or group plant to create an instant tropical look. This performance plant grows well in full sun to semi shade conditions and is a low water user once established. Height and width to 1m.

4. Cushion Bush – This fascinating WA native, brings unique textures to hot sunny spots. Cushion Bush has mounded form with an intricate network of steely, grey-green branches and foliage. It is salt and drought tolerant so a good choice for coastal gardens. It is best in full sun situations requiring little water once established. It makes a fine, hardy low border. Height and width to 1m usually less.

5. Bush Fury – This dark red flowering, Kangaroo Paw, is an excellent example of the Bush Gems series. It’s a long lived, hardy perennial, repeat flowering throughout the warmer months. Use Bush Fury to bring the colours of Australia to feature containers, bed or mass plant for a spectacular effect. The well branched stems also make good cut flowers. Height to 1m width to 70cm. Bet grown in full sun. Heat and drought tolerant once established.

6. Moulin Rouge – A compact, form of Purple Fountain Grass growing to only 80cm high, forming a clump of glorious burgundy foliage. Brings some wonderful vertical textures to mixed plantings or feature pots. Moulin Rouge is an environmentally friendly, non-invasive, sterile hybrid.

7. Aloha Mandevillas – Say “hello” to summer colours with the sizzling colours of Aloha Mandevillas. These shrubby climbers flower their heads of all summer and are so easy to care for. Ideal for features pots around the terrace, patio, deck or pool. Choose from five vibrant colours: Bright Pink, Red, Dark red, Regal Ruby and White.

8. Carissa Desert Star – A compact form of Carissa, with tough, glossy foliage and fragrant white flowers throughout the warmer months of the year. An ideal low to medium hedge. Thorny, stems make it a great barrier plant and definitely vandal proof! Takes Perth summers in its stride and thrives in coastal positions. Height to around 1m. A real sun lover!

9. Salvia Muirii – A shrubby, South African, Salvia with bicolour violet blue flowers with a prominent white splash on the lower flower lip. The olive green foliage is aromatic when crushed. A hardy, perennial for pots or borders flowering late spring to late autumn. Relatively drought tolerant once established. This collector’s plant was discovered in 1915.

Feature Roses


Angel Face – This deliciously fragrant mauve-purple blended floribunda is definitely one of our favourites at Dawson’s. High centred blooms open to sumptuous blooms blooms with slightly ruffled petal form. The petal edges are flushed with ruby adding more allure.  Angel Face belongs to an elite group of roses which have been awarded the American Rose Societies’ Gamble Fragrance award which is awarded to outstandingly fragrant roses. It’s a compact variety growing to around 1m and flowering in numerous flushed throughout the season.


Close To You – One of the newer Hybrid teas in our list. Close To You has won many fans with its high-centred, creamy yellow blooms and luscious spicy, fruit perfume. Good cut flower variety. Growing to 150cm.


Kardinal – This beautifully sculptured, scarlet red, provides superb quality cut flowers. Thick petal substance means the blooms hold well, giving a goog vase life. Kardinal was and still is often seen among the prize winners at rose shows held around the country. Grow to a medium height of 120-135cm. Bred by Kordes of Germany and released in 1986.

Thank You

Thank You Rose – Clusters petal filled, deep mauve, lightly fragrant flowers. Giving this rose is a wonderful way to say “thank you.” Best Floribunda rose at the Australian Rose Trial Gardens in 2011.  Height to 120cm. Part proceeds of sales of Thank You Rose donated to Transplant Australia’s ‘Journey Of Hope’ campaign to support those awaiting a transplant on their journey back to health.