Weedkiller – Searles Buffalo Master Selective Weedkiller 200 ml


Seales Buffalo Master Selective Weedkiller- For control of bindii, clover, oxalis and other weeds in * buffalo and other lawns in the home garden. Active ingredients Bromoxynil, MCPA and Liquid Hydrcarbons). Suitable for use on established lawns of common couch (including Qld Blue Couch), bent, buffalo (including Sir Walter & Palmetto), fescue, kikuyu, paspalum and rye. * Suitable for use on buffalo lawns (except ST varieties eg ST 26 , ST 85 and ST 91). Controls common lawn weeds like; bindii, cape weed, clover, dandelion, fleabane, jo-jo(Onehunga), oxalis and thistles. Buffalo Master is a liquid concentrate which is diluted with water and applied at recommended rates through a sprayer. Best applied when weeds are actively growing. Do not apply if rain is expected within 24 hours. Do not mow turf for two days after treatment. Avoid using fine droplets or applying product in windy conditions as this will increase spray drift. Do not allow spray to contact or drift into plants you do not want killed. Do not apply within the dripline of shallow rooted trees or shrubs or apply product in areas where the chemical may be washed into contact with the roots of desirable plants. Do not allow chemical containers or spray to get into drains, sewers, streams or ponds. Do not feed grass clippings from treated areas to poultry or other animals. Equipment used to spray this product should not be used for spraying any other plants.