Soil Solver 22.5kg Bag


Adds what’s missing in our sandy soils….clay! Soil Solver is a natural soil builder, produced in W.A. It contains kaolin clays, silts, nutrients and trace elements.

When applied to sandy soils, Soil Solver goes to work, gradually dissolving into the sand and coating the sand particles with clay. Soil Solver works to improve soil structure, wet-ability and water and nutrient retention. As a bonus it contains many trace elements like boron, cobalt, copper, iron, manganese, magnesium, molybdenum, phosphorous, zinc and selenium, so can greatly assist in overcoming common nutrient deficiencies. Soil solver only needs to be added once to permanently improve your soil structure. When preparing new garden areas, Soil Solver can be added at rates of around 7.5-15kg per square metre. (Simply spread Soil Solver over the surface of the soil, hoe or dig it in (to at least the top 100mm) and water in well. Re-wet and cultivate soil a few more times before planting (this can be done over several weeks). Soil Solver can also be applied to existing lawn and garden areas. In these cases the application rates are much lower and repeat applications are needed to gradually build up the clay content. Available in 15 or 22.5kg bags.