Scaevola White Fairy 125mm Pot


Excellent free branching plants perfect for creating spilling foliage from pots or garden edging. The deep green foliage is covered with small white blooms for many months. 

We are a huge ‘fans’ of Scaevola! The bushy foliage forms neat mounds or small trails. Scaevola are native to Australia’s east coast and thrive in a variety of conditions. They are a great choice if you are looking to encourage birds and beneficial insects to your garden.

Scaevola are suitable for container plantings or hanging baskets where they will grow to the edge of the pot and begin to trail. Allow them to dry out between watering.

In the garden, plant Scaevola along borders, in beds, as a ground cover, or along retaining walls. They are dry tolerant once established and require a well drained soil. The plants are very low maintenance.

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