Insecticide – Yates Success Naturalyte Insect Control 200ml


Yates Success Naturalyte- Controls caterpillar pests on fruit, vegetables, herbs and ornamentals. Also controls thrip and Pear and Cherry Slug. It is a liquid concentrate which is diluted with water and applied through a sprayer. Active ingredient spinosad is a ?green chemical? naturally derived from beneficial soil bacteria. Spray when pests are first seen and repeat at 7-14 day intervals when pests are active. Ensure that all foliage, including undersides of leaves is sprayed. Apply in the cool of the early morning or late evening. Insects will stop feeding immediately but may take up to three days to die. Do not spray when shade temperatures are near 28ᄚC. Do not spray if rain is expected within 6 hours. Do not spray when bees are foraging. Do not apply when soil is dry or to moisture stressed plants. Do not pick grapes for 14 days after spraying, do not pick tomatoes and sweet corn for 1 day after spaying, do not pick Kiwifruit or Peaches for 7 days after spraying, do not pick all other edible plants for 3 days after spraying.

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