Insecticide – Cera Fruit Fly Trap 600ml


Cera Trap- Is an all in one, organic, pesticide free fruit fly trapping system. Cera Trap contains a unique protein based liquid solution that is very attractive to fruit flies. The smell of the liquid lures fruit flies onto the specially designed trap. Unable to escape they drown in the liquid. Continues to work for 3-4 months. Ideally, hang traps when fruit is about one third its final size. Extensively trialled in Mediterranean fruit growing areas around the world and found to be an effective and highly selective trap for Mediterranean Fruit Fly. Recommended backyard application rate is 1 Cera Trap per fruit tree. Where two fruit trees are close together (no more than 5 metres apart) one Cera Trap can be used for both trees. Ideally traps should be hung on the northern side of the tree.