Geranium Big Red 150mm Pot


This remarkable new Geranium has taken the world by storm. Big Red is the stunning result of a 14 year breeding program and has quickly become a favourite with gardeners around the world. In the U.S. it has been the top selling Geranium for the past few years. When you see Big Red it’s easy to see what all the fuss is about. Big Red has large, semi- double intense dark red flowers which compliment deep green foliage. It’s a constant performer flowering in flushes from spring right through till early winter. The plant has a dense semi-trailing habit growing to 30-45cm high and 40-50cm wide. It’s particularly at home in patio pots and hanging baskets, but performs equally well in garden beds. This is a spectacularly rewarding plant to grow, no fuss with great returns. It’s heat tolerant and once established will tolerate short periods of drought. For best results use Dawson’s Premium Potting Mix, feed with a long term controlled (slow) release fertilizer like Baileys Pots & Flowers Plant Food. Water regularly for best bloom production and remove spent clusters to encourage repeat flowering. Keep Big Red on the go by feeding fortnightly with a quality liquid fertilser like Searles Flourish.