Fungicide – Yates Fungus Fighter Copper Fungicide 100 grams


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Product Description

Yates Fungus Fighter Copper Fungicide- A copper (copper hydroxide) based fungicide for controlling a wide range of fungal diseases on fruit trees, vegetables and ornamentals. Effective on a wide range of fungal diseases including; anthracnose( in Avocados), bacterial leaf spot (in ornamentals and tomatoes), Chocolate spot and rust (in broad beans), downy mildew (in grape vines, cabbages, broccoli, cauliflower, rhubarb and silverbeet), collar rot (in citrus plums, peaches and tropical fruit), leaf curl (in peaches and nectarines) and shot hole in apricots. Fungus Fighter is a powder concentrate which is mxed with water (at recommended rates) and applied through a sprayer. Thorough coverage of all plant surfaces is necessary. Repeat sprays are necessary when conditions may allow re-infection. Not effective if rain follows within 6 hours of application. Observe 1 day withholding period for edible crops. Do not apply to wet crops, or if rain is expected. Do not apply if temperature exceeds 35ᄚC.