Fungicide – Eco-fungicide 500 grams


Eco- Fungicide- Is a *registered organic fungicide made from specially formulated potassium bicarbonate. Use Eco Fungicide for the control and prevention of powdery mildew and black spot in a wide range of plants including tomatoes, zucchini, strawberries, roses and grapevines. It is safe for use on fruit and vegetables and has no withholding period. Eco ?Fungicide works in two ways it attacks existing fungal infections and prevents new infections by preventing fungal spores from germinating. Eco-fungicide is a concentrate which is mixed with water (at recommended rates) and applied through a sprayer. It is best used as a combination spay where *Eco-Oil is also added. This combination has the advantage of better adhesion to plant surfaces and the Eco-Oil will also help control some common insect pests like aphids and red spider (two-spotted mites). When spraying ensure a good coverage over the plant, wetting both upper and lower leaf surfaces. *Do not spray Eco-Oil in temperatures exceeding 35ᄚC. * Eco-Fungicide is a certified organic product registered by Biological Farmers of Australia(BFA).