Fungicide – Ausgro Sharp Shooter Lime Sulphur Insecticide/Fungicide Concentrate 250 ml


Sharp Shooter Lime Sulphur Insecticide & Fungicide- Controls certain fungus diseases and insect pests on roses and fruit trees in the home garden. Common uses are to spray roses immediately after winter pruning (to help control over-wintering aphids, red spider mite and fungal spores). It is also a popular winter spray on dormant fruit trees for control of scale, red spider (two spotted mite) and peach aphid. Can also be used for control of leaf curl, shot hole and rust in Peaches, nectarines, prunes, plums and apricots. Lime Sulphur is a liquid concentrate which is diluted in water and applied through a sprayer. Do not use on Delicious or Cox’s Orange Pippin apples. Do not use on apricots during the growing season. Do not spray when temperatures are above 32C or within 10 days of an oil spray.