Ficus Pumila Minima 125mm Pot


The climbing plant Ficus Pumila Minima provides an excellent cover for fences, walls and other surfaces. It is easy to care for and requires minimal attention once established.

If you are looking for a small leafed climbing plant then Ficus pumila Minima is worth consideration. This is the small leafed version of the species an the leaves are around 1/3 the size. It loves a shady or part shaded site in moist but free draining soil.

An evergreen climbing or creeping plant F. pumila minima is often referred to as the ‘Creeping Fig’. With small oval shaped foliage. This is a fast growing climber that will cling to masonry walls, prefers semi shade and is excellent for covering up large areas with a screen of evergreen leaves. The only diference to Ficus Pumila is the size of the leaf on the Minima. 

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