Fertiliser – Emerald Lawns 10 kgs


Eco Growth Emerald Lawns – Is an exciting environmentally friendly lawn food. A naturally non leaching, low phosphorous, river friendly fertilizer. Producing deep root growth, leading to a lawn which is more resilient. Trialled and used by many of our staff! This is the same fertiliser used by many golf courses and councils throughout Perth. How are rock mineral based fertilizers like Eco Emerald different from conventional fertilizers? Rock mineral based fertilisers offer an environmentally friendly way to feed your plants and assist in building a healthy soil. Rock mineral fertilisers are derived from natural volcanic and sedimentary deposits containing some of nature?s richest soil building materials. These fertilisers contain excellent complements of micro-elements, beneficial soil microbes, and are naturally slow release and non leaching. These intelligent fertilisers use microbes to gradually make the minerals available to plants.