Dawson’s Premium Soil Improver 25ltr Bag


There’s an old adage good gardening starts with healthy soil, and it’s true! Dawson’s Soil Improver is a convenient way to add vital organic matter to Perth’s sandy soils. It will also help acidify Perth’s limey sands. The product helps build soil structure, assists in water and nutrient retention and stimulates soil life including beneficial microbes and worms. For general soil improvement when planting, blend in 1 part soil improver with 2 parts existing soil. Soil improvement is an essential part of successful gardening. Use it when planting, trees, shrubs, roses, Camellias & Azaleas and when preparing vegetable and flower beds. Health warning. This product contains micro-organisms that may be harmful to your health. Always wear gloves, keep damp while in use, avoid inhaling the mix and wash hands after use.