Trees - Deciduous

Deciduous trees change constantly with the seasons; bare Winter branches burst into Springtime blossom and fresh green foliage, then there’s the leafy shade of Summer and the final Autumn glory of colourful, falling foliage. Trees provide great benefits particularly in our warm Summers where their valuable shade reduces heat build-up in hard surfaces like paved areas and of course our houses. Deciduous trees are very useful when planted along the north and west sides of the house, where they provide Summer shade yet allow the warming Winter sun through. As trees are the largest and longest lived plants in the garden it is worth taking extra care when planting them. Dig a hole at least as deep as the rootball and twice as wide. Mix in Dawson’s Soil Improver with your existing soil at the rate of 1 part of soil improver to 2 parts soil. See our Planting guide for further planting tips.

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