Make the most of spring in your garden

Spring is in full swing here at Dawson’s. With the later season we are experiencing the weather is still perfect for gardening so make the most of it and get your garden looking the goods for the holiday period. Our stores are full of new seasons roses as well as Perth’s biggest range of ornamental plants.

Garden Jobs for October

1. Apply soil Wetting products – Watch out for non- wetting patches in the lawn and garden. To correct apply soil wetters like Eco wet an organic based liquid soil wetter, or Grosorb or Ezi Wett, both easy and quick to apply, granular soil wetters. Remember to always water in well to activate the products. Soil wetter may need to be reapplied 3-4 times over the course of year. For a more permanent fix try incorporating more organic matter and a mineral clay soil builder like Soil Solver. Clays and organic matter permanently change the physical structure of sandy soils enabling them to more readily accept and hold water.

2. Prune spring only flowering roses – such as Rosa banksia lutea and R. banksia alba after flowering.

3. Plant Sweet Basil – This fragrant herb is an indispensable part of Summer cuisine. Plant in beds and pots now! Liquid feed fortnightly with either Seasol or Powerfeed.

4. Prune bottlebrush after flowering to promote strong bushy growth – Prune stems back to just behind the spent flowers. This has the effect of stimulating further branching and encouraging more flowering in later years.

5. Get your shades out – One of the keys to summer vegetable growing success is providing some shade, to curb our intense summer sun. Make your own shade structures with stakes, star pickets and flexible poly or pvc piping to make simple arches or a framework to support shade cloths. Shade cloths in the range of 20-70% are uselful and white or beige coloured cloth for plants is best. Insect Netting sold by Dawson’s is a useful product which provides 20% shade.

6. Plant some flowers among your vegies – Planting some flowers and perennials among your vegetables not only looks better but this increased diversity will help attract pollinating insects to your edible plants and also helps attract predatory insects to help keep pests in check. Try Alyssum, Salvias, Marigolds, Erigeron. It’s big picture gardening, give it a go!

Free Gardening Workshops at Dawson’s Joondalup

During the month of November our Joondalup store will be holding 2 free gardening workshops. This is a great way to increase your knowledge and have a look around the store while you are there. The talks, presented by our qualified staff, are fun, informative and best of all, completely FREE. For more information call Ivan and the team at Joondalup on 9300 0733. Otherwise the dates, times and topics are below.

Workshop 1

Topic: Rose planting and care
Date: Sunday 8th November 11:30am

Workshop 2

Topic: Waterwise Gardening
Date: Sunday 29th November 11:30am

Planting Guide

1. Mexican Orange Blossom – A fragrant delight with glossy foliage and sweetly scented, white orange blossom like flowers over spring to early summer. Prefers semi shade to afternoon shade conditions. Evergreen shrub to 1-2m high. A great addition to your butterfly garden!

2. Duranta Geisha Girl – Incredibly long flowering, quick growing, evergreen shrub with sprays of white centred purple flowers in flushes throughout spring, summer and autumn. Graceful weeping branches. A versatile shrub, ideal for hedging, screening or clip to topiary shapes. Grows in full sun to semi shade conditions. This beautiful butterfly attracting plant is a great addition to any garden. Height 1.5-3m width 1-2m.

3. Colour Changing Cordylines – Cordyline Can Can and Cha Cha, dance up a storm of ever-changing foliage colours, on easy to grow, clump forming plants. The new foliage of Can Can, emerges pink-red and then matures to cream and green while Cha Cha, features apricot-brown foliage which matures to yellow and green. Both varieties have weeping foliage and grow to around 1.5m high and to 1-1.5m wide. Suitable for full sun to semi shade pots or containers.

4. Agapanthus Black Magic – Dramatic deepest purple flowers on tall stems sometimes reaching up to 1.5-2m. Hardy, clump forming perennial with strappy, green leaves. Eventually forms a clump to 75-100cmm high and wide. Tolerates full sun to semi shade conditions. Apply a thick waterwise mulch around clumps over summer and water regularly until well established. Summer flowering.

5. Grevillea Superb – A very showy bird attracting Grevillea with large brushes of reddish-orange flowers for much of the year. Upright, spreading habit, height and width to 2m. Best in an open, sunny position, Prune after major flower flushes to maintain form.

6. Big Red – This Geranium has taken the world by storm since its release a few years ago. An intense, dark red flowering variety which flowers with great consistency throughout the year. Remarkably heat tolerant, non-fading blooms deliver that European Geranium look in spades! Mounded, semi trailing habit makes it a fantastic addition to feature pots and baskets.

 7. Purple Leaf Honeysuckle – (Lonicera japonica ‘Purpurea’) An attractive Japanese, Honeysuckle with purplish- green foliage and nectar rich, scented, white flowers which fade to yellow. A twining climber great for covering fences, walls and growing up old tree stumps. Can also be used as a sprawling groundcover for embankments. Tolerant to full sun to semi shade conditions, and coastal gardens. Long flowering period from spring to late summer autumn! Great for attracting bees, nectar feeding birds and butterflies.

8. Orange Jessamine – If you’re looking for a fragrant hedge it’s difficult to go past Orange Jessamine (Murraya paniculata). This evergreen, glossy leaved shrub, can grow to 3m and with a bit of clipping, forms a fine dense hedge. Once established it stands up to Perth summer heat very well and will delight with its highly perfumed late spring and summer flowers.

9. Dawson Shade Trees – Planting shade trees has many benefits; beauty, adding form and structure to the garden, and cooling and shading effects which help to greatly mitigate summer heat build-up in residential areas. With summer on the way it’s a great time to plant trees so choose from our brilliant range including Ornamental Plums and Pears, Chinese Tallows, Crepe Myrtles and much more.

10. Dawson’s Succulents – The ultimate waterwise plants. Succulents have such a diversity of form, size, texture and colour. Group several different types together to create a fascinating “living coral” type effect, it’s easy. Succulents are brilliant in all manner of containers, baskets and green walls. They thrive on minimal amounts of water. Pot them using Dawson’s Potting mix for best result. Our succulent collection is growing all the time. Choose from our great range including; Echeverias, Sedums, Kalanchoes, Aloes and many more.

Feature Roses for October


Granada – A large flowered blend of pinks, reds and yellows with a strong, spicy fragrance. This rose was bred by American Robert Lindquist and has been awarded the American Rose society’s highest accolade for fragrance the James Alexander Gamble Fragrance Medal which it won in 1968. Granada is a hybrid tea growing to 120-135cm tall.


Fragrant Cloud – This famous hybrid tea is another winner in the fragrance stakes, having received the Gamble Medal, the American Rose society’s highest award for fragrance in 1970. It’s a lovely coral orange-red with a delicious sweet fragrance that will keep you coming back for more! Flowers are large and with good substance. Bred Mathias Tatau of Germany. Height 120-135cm.


Modern Crusader – Beautifully formed double and quartered blooms of mid to dark red with some black flushes around the petal edges. The name honours the Crusaders who returned to Europe from the holy lands bring with them many new and exotic roses. Certificate of Merit at the Australian rose Trial in 2012. A strong upright grower to 150cm.

Perfume Passion

Perfume Passion – A highly awarded hybrid tea rose with magnificent, high centred blended pink blooms. Not only was Perfume Passion judged to be the Best Hybrid Tea Rose at the Australian National Rose Trials in 2012, but was also winner of Most Fragrant Rose at the trials. You can’t get much better than that. Beautiful in the garden or as a cut flower. We highly recommend it! Height to 150cm.


Scentimental – A highly fragrant, floribunda rose with unique red and white striping. Each petal has a different colour combination. Has a lovely old rose appearance too. Height to 135cm.


Soul Sister – Perhaps the most unique colouring we’ve seen in a new release for years! Incredible, milky chocolate coloured blooms with hints of lavender. Classic high centred blooms. Reminiscent of Julia’s Rose. Height 150cm