Get Ready, Spring is Nearly Here!

It’s an exciting time to plant and prepare the garden for spring. Chilly mornings give way to glorious, sunny days so make the most of sunny weather to enjoy the garden! Many plants are entering their spring growth cycle and budding up ready for an explosion of spring growth and blossom.

Jobs to do around the Garden

  1. Rose Pruning – Don’t panic! There’s still time to prune your roses. Don’t be afraid to have a go. Pruning is always an invigorating process for roses. Hybrid tea roses, miniatures and floribunda roses can simply be cut back to half their original height, using secateurs, loppers or hedge shears. Aim to have pruning finished by mid-late August. For more, watch our rose pruning video.
  2. Protect New growth on roses  Spray fortnightly with Eco Fungicide (in conjunction with Eco Oil) or Rose Shield Black spot & Insect Pest Killer to protect emerging new season’s growth from rose fungal diseases like black spot and powdery Mildew, and marauding aphids.
  3. Protect Plants From Caterpillar Attack – Caterpillars particularly white cabbage moth and tiger moth larvae (also known as “woolly bears”) are very active at this time of year. These are voracious eaters and can be very destructive to most soft foliaged plants. To control, begin spraying with Yates Success as soon as damage is noticed and repeat spray at 7-14 day intervals while pests are active.
  4. Prevent Peach Curly Leaf – Spray to prevent peach leaf Curl disease is essential if you are growing fruiting Peaches, Nectarines or Ornamental Peaches. Spray trees thoroughly with Yates Liquid Copper or Fungus Fighter. If you have time spray once now and again at the early bud swell time.
  5. Feed Fruit Trees – Feed fruit trees towards the end of August- early September to help support new growth. Dawson’s All Purpose Fertiliser or Eco Growth Prime Garden will give excellent results and remember to always water in well.

Planting Guide

  1. West Coast Gem – WA’s own native Hibiscus and what a Stunner it is! A quick growing, evergreen shrub which produces masses of captivating rich purple flowers over late winter, spring and summer. Plant in a sunny position and give it a bit of a haircut after the main flowering period has finished. Grows to 1.5 to 2m.
  2. Pomegranate Mollar de Elche – Grow your own super-food! A commercial variety, originally from the town of Elche in Valencia, Spain. Orangey-red blooms over spring-early summer, followed by exotic pink-red blushed fruit, containing jewel like juice sacks, rich in flavour, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Shrub to small tree, growing to 3-4m. Incredibly tough, just loves life in Perth!
  3. Kangaroo Paws – Get the jump on spring gardening with long flowering, easy to grow, Bush Gems Kangaroo Paws. Group plant them in sunny spots or pots and sit back and enjoy month after month of flowers! Hop in and get some today, try classic red and green flowering Bush Dance, New release, golden, Bush Matilda, candy pink, Bush Pearl and many more!
  4. Tall but Narrow Screening Trees – Tall but narrow growing trees are a godsend for smaller, modern gardens where they fit into tight spots to provide shade, privacy screening and vertical interest. Two of the best of these urban space savers are; Prunus Oakville Crimson Spire, an ornamental Plum with burgundy blushed foliage and single white to pinkish flowers in spring, and Pyrus Captial, a narrow growing Ornamental Pear with white springtime blossom and attractive autumn foliage.
  5. Double Grafted Low Chill Cherry – A double grafted Cherry, featuring the perfect cross pollinating pair of low chill Cherries, Minnie Royal with rounded juicy, red fruit and Royal Lee with rounded to heart shaped fruit. Both mature early December. Cherry ripe for Perth’s climate requiring only 200-300 winter chill hours.
  6. Acacia Mop Top – A lovely, dense, low growing, mounded wattle, with soft weeping foliage. Features plum coloured new growth and lemon coloured flowers in spring. Growing to just 60-90cm tall and to 1m wide. It makes a great accent plant in mixed plantings or in containers.
  7. Colour Changing Cordylines Cordyline Can Can and Cha Cha, dance up a storm of ever-changing foliage colours, on easy to grow, clump forming plants. The new foliage of Can Can, emerges pink-red and then matures to cream and green while Cha Cha, features apricot-brown foliage which matures to yellow and green. Both varieties have weeping foliage and grow to around 1.5m high and to 1-1.5m wide. Suitable for full sun to semi shade pots or containers.
  8. Polygala Little Polly – A true dwarf Polygala with a rounded compact shape to 1m. Main flowering times are spring and summer when the bush is covered with purple pea flowers. Suitable for growing in containers or as a low feature shrub or border. Trim to maintain shape. Poly what a cracker!
  9. Grevillea Ned Kelly – A bird attracting, fast growing Grevillea to 1-2 metres high with large, showy brushes of orangey-red flowers for much of the year. Best planted in a sunny, well drained position. Huge range of Grevilleas in stock from screening species like, Olivacea red and yellow and Winparra Gold through to mounded ground cover and spreading types like Gin Gin Gem and Pinky Petite.
  10. Perfect Plums – Flowering Plum trees provide year round interest with cheery, pink blossom in spring, followed by attractive foliage colour for the rest of the season. Prunus Nigra has glorious, deep burgundy foliage while Prunus Blireana has showy, double pink blossoms followed by burgundy-purple blushed foliage. Both are compact, rounded canopy trees growing to around 4 metres high and wide.

In Your Garden This Month

Flowering this Month: Abutilon, boronia, almonds, alyogyne (Native Hibiscus), camellia japonica, federation daisies, geraldton wax, grevillea, indian hawthorns, kangaroo paws, kalanchoe, lavender, pansies, perennial statice, polygala, pyrostegia (orange trumpet vine), scaevola, thyrptomene, viburnum, viola and wattles.

Plant this Month Ornamentals: Abutilon (Chinese Lantern), arctotis, azaleas, camellia, deciduous ornamental trees, eriostemon (wax flowers), eucalyptus, federation daisies, grevillea, kangaroo paws, leucospermum, lavender, nandina, native violets and osteospermums.

Edibles to Plant this month: Asparagus, beetroot, bok choy, broccoli, beans (climbing & bush), cabbage, celeriac, celery, coriander, deciduous fruit trees, figs, kale, leeks, lettuce, marjoram, mint, mizuna, mulberries, parsley, pomegranates, potatoes, radish, rhubarb, rocket, rosemary, sage, silverbeet, snow peas, spring onions, spinach, strawberries, swedes, tarragon, thyme and turnips.

Gallipoli Centenary Rose

Gallipoli Centenary Rose

There is still time to order your Gallipoli Centenary Rose. We are currently taking orders  with an expected release in spring. This stunning rose has exceptional health and disease tolerance and grows to around 1.2m tall. The large, elegant, deep red blooms, are produced adoringly in clusters or singly. $1.00 from the sale of each rose helps fund education to Australian school children & war veteran related projects.

To order yours now please follow this link. Hurry in though stock is strictly limited.