Dive into Summer Gardening at Dawson’s

It’s summer time and living and gardening should be easy. At Dawson’s we have a huge range of plants that will give your garden a splash of colour this summer. Summer is a time to enjoy the riotous colours and relaxing days. It’s a time to maintain, plant and plan for the year ahead.

Flowering this Month: Agapanthus, begonia, bougainvillea, crepe myrtle, frangipani, geranium, grevillea, hibiscus, magnolia, mandevilla, oleander, petunia and calibrachoa plumbago, poinciana, roses, salvia, star jasmine, stephanotis and vincas.

Plant this Month Ornamentals: Alstroemeria, begonias, bougainvillea, calibrachoa, crepe myrtles, duranta, frangipani, geraniums, hibiscus, jacaranda, magnolia, mandevillas, oleander, petunia, portulaca, roses, salvia, shade trees and vincas traditional and cascading.

Edibles to Plant this month: Asparagus (potted), artichoke, basil, capsicum, chilli, chives, choko, coriander, cucumber, eggplant, figs, lettuce, mint, okra, oregano, olives, parsley, passionfruit, pumpkin, radish, rockmelon, rocket, rosella, rosemary, sage, silverbeet, squash, stevia, sweet corn, sweet potato, tomatoes, watermelon, zucchini.

Garden Jobs for January

1. Gradually wean your Christmas tree back into full sun conditions. Move your tree first into a semi shaded garden area for several weeks and then slowly move it back into full sun.

2. Get your shades out. One of the keys to summer vegetable growing success is providing some shade, to curb our intense summer sun. Make your own shade structures with stakes, star pickets and flexible poly or pvc piping to make simple arches or a framework to support shade cloths. Shade cloths in the range of 20-70% are useful and white or beige coloured cloth for plants is best. Insect Netting sold by Dawson’s is a useful product which provides 20% shade.

3. Revive heat affected plants by applying a liquid wetting agent like Eco Wet to the root zone and then following up with a weekly feed of Seasol.

4. Practice good fruit tree hygiene! Remove and dispose of any Fruit Fly affected fruit and excess fruit before it falls to the ground. Remove any fallen fruit as soon as possible, then kill Fruit Fly larvae by putting damaged fruit in tightly sealed plastic bags and leaving out in the sun for a few days, freezing, boiling or soaking. When disposing of treated fruit through the rubbish, place in tightly sealed plastic bags before putting in the bin.

5. More Trees Please. With Summer here, it’s a great time to invest in cooling shade trees. Their cooling and shading effects help to greatly mitigate summer heat build-up in residential areas. Strategically plant deciduous shade trees on the eastern and western sides of the house to provide welcome shading. So choose cooling shade trees including; Ornamental Plums and Pears, Chinese Tallows, Crepe Myrtles and much more.

January Planting Guide

Astelia Silver Shadow  Attractive New Zealand native perennial with unusual metallic, silver-green recurved foliage. Best in semi-shade conditions. Looks good in a large pot too. Height to 3ft around 1m, making this an eye catching addition to the garden.

Buddleia Purple Haze  The dwarf Buddleia has a unique, low spreading habit growing to around 1m high and wide. It produces sprays of fragrant, purple, butterfly attracting flowers in flushes from mid spring until late autumn. Purple Haze is an eco-friendly, sterile hybrid which won’t produce unwanted seedlings. Grow in full sun to semi shade positions or pots.

Dawson Oleanders  Oleanders are some of the mainstays of summer colour. They are super tough and take hot and dry Perth summers in their stride. Our Oleanders come in all sizes from the compact, Dwarf Oleander growing to just 1-1.5m with pale apricot-pink flowers to traditional taller growing types like pale lemon coloured Luteum plenum and Souvenir D’ August Roger with faintest pale pink-white flowers. These taller varieties can grow to 2-3m and make fine screening plants. They all perform well in coastal areas. Caution- all parts of Oleanders are harmful if eaten and are a skin and respiratory irritant.

Cherry Guava  Evergreen, shrub usually growing to around 1.5-3m. Attractive glossy green foliage. Fluffy, white flowers in spring, followed by, small round, red skinned fruits. Flesh is white with numerous inedible seeds. Flesh has a sweet, tangy flavour, can be eaten fresh or used for jam making. Makes a fine fruiting hedge or screen.

Crepe Myrtle Tuscarora  A beautiful dark fuchsia pink-near red flowering variety with multi-stemmed, upright branching height 4-6m width to 6m. A useful screening or specimen tree, can be pruned to provide a good screen above fence height. An added bonus is attractive ornamental bark with age and orangey-red autumn foliage.

Echeveria Black Knight  One of the darkest coloured succulents with dark burgundy-black, slender, somewhat cylindrical leaves. Forms a tight rosette. Height to 10cm and width to 20cm. A stunning variety to add accent and contrast with other lighter coloured succulents in a mixed container. Grows in full sun to semi shade conditions.

Hibiscus  Hibiscus are one of the mainstays of Perth summer colour with long flowering displays of relaxed, tropical colour. With a little soil improvement at planting time, they thrive in our sandy soils. They are a fantastic option for flowering hedges or to hide fence lines. Hibiscus respond well to regular doses of Dawson’s All Purpose fertiliser, supplied at 4-5 week intervals. Water regularly and mulch well during the hottest months for best bloom production.

Moulin Rouge  A compact form of Purple Fountain Grass growing to only 80cm high, forming a clump of glorious burgundy foliage. Brings some dramatic vertical textures to mixed plantings or feature pots. Moulin Rouge is an environmentally friendly, non-invasive, sterile hybrid.

Nandina Moon Bay  An attractive form of Chinese Sacred Bamboo with ever-changing, ferny foliage, changing with the seasons of red, apricot and burgundy-red. Height is to just 80cm high and wide, making this a great border, edging plant. It is tolerant to full sun to semi shade conditions. It is remarkably tough and drought tolerant once established.

Vinca Cora Cascade  These amazing trailing vincas form a carpet of colour all summer long. They are an ideal addition to beds, hanging baskets and pots, anywhere where their trailing habit can be shown off to advantage. They perform admirably through our summer heat and come in vibrant colours including; Polka Dot, Lilac and Cherry, Magenta and Strawberry.

Feature Roses

Ingrid Bergman

Ingrid Bergman One of our favourite red, hybrid teas with large, high centred, velvety red blooms full of 26-40 petals. It carries a slight fragrance and the blooms have good lasting qualities in the garden and vase. Another feature is its glossy green, healthy foliage. Ingrid Bergman while originally bred in Denmark by Pernille and Mogens Olesen, has proven itself in a range of climates around the world. It is one of the world’s favourite roses and was inducted into the Rose Hall of Fame in 2000. Height 120-150cm.


Tournament of Roses This attractive, two toned pink has been one of our most popular pink, hybrid tea roses for many years. Its coral and deeper pink petals have subtle copper tones and the flowers have high centred bloom form. A wonderful cut flower and garden performer. Grows to around 150cm high. The name celebrates The Tournament of Roses Parade held each New Year’s Day in Pasadena, California.