Coming Up Roses

Spring is well and truly underway, enjoy the colour and excitement of the season and of course, take some time to smell the roses. Roses are in their spring flush and looking spectacular, so it’s the perfect time to visit Dawson’s and indulge your passion for roses.

What To Plant Now

Now is the Perfect Time to Plant: Alstroemeria, anisodontea, arthropodium (New Zealand rock Lily), cordylines, correa, coprosma, coreopsis, deciduous ornamental trees, dipladenia, federation daisies, geraniums, gardenias, grevillea, hibbertia, hibiscus, indian hawthorn, kangaroo paws, lavender, nandina, native hibiscus, native violets, pandorea, petunias, pittosporum, plumbago, polygala, roses, scaevola, salvia, society garlic, (lilly pillies), star jasmine, succulents, viola, viburnum, westringia and zinnia.

In Your Edible Garden: Artichoke, asparagus, basil, beetroot, bok choy, beans (climbing & dwarf), cabbage, , capsicum, carrot, celeriac, celery, chilli, chives, choko, citrus trees, coriander, cucumber, egg plant, endive, fennel, figs, goji berry, leeks, lettuce, marjoram, mint, oregano, pak choy, parsley, passionfruit, pumpkin, radish, rhubarb, rocket, rockmellon,  rosemary, sage, silverbeet, strawberries, squash, sweet corn, tarragon, thyme, tomatoes, watermelon and zucchini.

What’s in Flower this Month: Agapanthus,Abutilon,  alyogyne (native hibiscus), bacopa, begonia, bidens, bottlebrush, boronia, buddleia, calibrachoa, clivia, coreopsis, correa, crown of thorns (euphorbia), cuphea, dianthus, diosma, eremophila, federation daisies, fuchsia, gazania, geranium, grevillea, indian hawthorns, kangaroo paws, kalanchoe, lavender, leucospermum, lobelia, marigold, ozothamnus, petunias, perennial statice, pig face, petunia, pimelea, polygala, pyrostegia (orange trumpet vine), potato jasmine,  ricinocarpus, rosemary, roses, salvia, scaevola, sida (butterkins), society garlic, verticordia, viburnum, viola, violets, wattles and westringia.

Garden Jobs For October

Feed Camellias and Azaleas as they finish flowering – These plants tend to put on a lot of their annual growth after flowering, so feed the as soon as flowering is finished. Searles Azalea & Camellia Food is ideal.

Mulch, Mulch, Mulch – With warmer weather and Summer on the way, it’s a good time to get mulching! Mulch at least 10cm thick, but remember to leave small mulch free area around the base of stems. Dsatco Lupin Mulch is a wonderful feeding mulch from WA’s own wheat belt. We use it extensively on our Rose display beds at Forrestfield and highly recommend it. It is also particularly useful around fruit trees, vegetable and flower beds. For General mulching Chunky Pine Bark mulch is an excellent coarse grade mulch.

Feed The Lawn – It’s a good time to feed your lawn, try an environmentally responsible fertiliser like Eco Emerald. This fertiliser is naturally slow release and makes use of microbes to gradually make the minerals available to plants. This means nutrient loss and leaching is greatly reduced. This directly addresses some of the major problems associated with traditional fertiliser use. Eco Emerald remains active in the soil for sustained periods, building plant and soil health. Try them it on your lawn this Spring!

Fruit Fly Control – Fruit fly populations rapidly build up with warming weather. Start your control measures now.  Use a combination of techniques like hanging some Cera Traps, bait spraying with Eco-Naturalure and some fruit fly exclusion bags or nets. For more info collect a copy of our Dawson’s Fruit Tree Guide or view it here.

Spray Avocados and Mangoes – To prevent the fungal infection anthracnose. Anthracnose starts in late winter spring, first appearing as small black spots on the foliage which progress to larger, irregular brown- black discoloured areas. The disease also infects the flowers and later fruit. To control, spray monthly from the end of flowering until fruit harvest with Yates Liquid Copper.

Feed Roses- Feed roses every 4-5 weeks with an application of a good balanced fertiliser like Dawson’s All Purpose fertiliser, Searles Rose Food, or Eco Prime Garden.

Plant Sweet Basil- This fragrant herb is an indispensable part of summer cuisine. Plant in beds and pots now! Liquid feed fortnightly with either Seasol or Powerfeed.

Spray roses for Black Spot and Powdery Mildew – Preventative spraying is the best way to keep Rose fungal diseases at bay. Spray fortnightly through October with Eco Fungicide* or Rose Shield (*Use Eco Fungicide in conjunction with Eco Oil for best results). Remember when spraying roses makes sure you get good spray coverage above and below foliage.

Caterpillars – Continue to feast on all manner of plants in the garden especially, soft foliage, vegetables, herbs and perennials. To control carry out preventative sprays with Success.

October Planting Guide

Grevillea Tucker Time Cherry Pie – A hardy, dense upright shrub with fascinating, soft, ferny foliage and large showy bunches of waxy red-pink flowers. Main flowering period is over winter-spring but it also spot flowers at other times of the year. Great for attracting nectar feeding birds to the garden. Excellent for screen planting. Height and width to 1.8m.

Abutilon Lucky Lanterns – These dwarf Chinese Lanterns, grow to just 30cm high and wide. They produce an abundance of bright lantern like blooms. Lucky Lanterns have a long flowering period from spring right through till early winter and come in four colours: white, red, yellow and tangerine. They will be most at home in semi shade garden areas or pots.

Coreopsis Golden Sphere – Coreopsis are wonderfully easy to grow and long flowering perennials for foreground and border planting or pots.
Bright yellow daisy-flowers from spring through till autumn makes them a great standby for summer colour. Golden Sphere has showy, double, ruffled blooms. Grows to 25cm high.

Lomadra Easy As – A beautiful new form of Lomandra with long, narrow foliage forming an attractive clump. A super tough plant which is a wonderful garden filler; use it for borders, edging or group plant for effect.  This rewarding plant brings a relaxed, grassy look to any garden. It’s drought tolerant, frost tolerant and good in coastal gardens. Height and width to 80cm. Grow in full sun to semi shaded areas.

Yesterday Today and Tomorrow (Brunfelsia latifolia/ bonodora)- This sought after shrub is spring flowering with fragrant purple flowers which gradually fade to light blue and white giving a multi-coloured effect. A dense slow growing shrub for sunny to semi shaded areas. Height to 2m.

Feature Roses

Shrub Firestar phoenix[1]

Firestar Phoenix- A blend of sunrise colours of pink, apricot, crimson and yellow, ever changing as the blooms open and mature. Sweet fragrance. A wonderful hedging rose to 140cm. Part proceeds of sales to support the Country Fire Association of Victoria.

Miniature Little Sunset

Little Sunset- A new release, miniature rose bred by Kordes of Germany. An abundance of petal packed, fully double, golden centred blooms with deepening, pink and red blushing on the outer petals.  A compact bushy grower to just 40-50cm high. This much admired mini won a Silver Medal at the Australian Rose Trials in 2012.


Modern Crusader- Beautifully formed, double and quartered blooms of mid to dark red with some black flushes along the petal edges. A strong growing hybrid tea to 150cm high. Received a Certificate of Merit at the Australian Rose Trials in 2012.

Pink Intuition

Pink Intuition- The latest masterpiece from Delbard of France. Large flowered, pastel pink, splashed with rich candy and magenta pinks. Long stems for cutting and super long vase life. If you like Candy Stripe and Claude Monet, you’re going to love this one! Height to 150cm.