Chilli Thrip

April 28, 2021

Chilli Thrips have been doing extensive damage to roses in Perth in the early months of this year. They use their front mandibles to rasp at the soft new tissue of leaves and rose buds and then suck the liquid which is exuded. Leaves and buds look almost burnt and will not recover. They are extremely hard to see, so cut a damaged piece off your bush and bang it on a white piece of paper and look closely to see tiny yellow/white insects running over the paper. Once confirmed that it is thrips treat immediately.

1) Cut off all affected growth including flower buds and open flowers. Rake up any fallen leaves under the plant and place in the general waste bin in a plastic bag.

2) Spray every 7-10 days with either Success, Conguard or Mavrick (Neem Oil, Nature’s Way Natrasoap & Bug Gun may be used as an alternate product but will not be as effective).

3) Ensure the entire plant and underside of the leaves are well soaked in the spray mixture, including the soil around the rose bushes. It is also important to spray any other shrubs or plants that are growing next to the roses. Important- 2-3 follow up sprays will be required to keep the Chilli Thrip under control.

4) Monitor your rose bushes by checking the new growth. A good way to check if there is any Chilli Thrip present, is to cut a piece of new grow off your bush and tap it on a white piece of paper. Look closely to see if any tiny yellow/white insects running over the paper. If present you will need to continue with a couple more sprays.

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