Celebrate a green and growing Christmas at Dawson’s

Bring Christmas alive with our wonderful range of living gifts, Christmas Trees, festive colour and don’t forget, gift vouchers! A world away from the crowded shopping malls, you’re sure to find gifts to delight the gardener in your life.

In Your Garden

Flowering this Month: Agapanthus, begonia, bougainvillea, eremophila, frangipani, geranium, grevillea, hibiscus, magnolia, mandevilla, oleander, plumbago, poinsettia, roses, salvia, star jasmine, stephanotis and vincas.

Plant this Month Ornamentals: Alstroemeria, begonias, bougainvillea, calibrachoa, crepe myrtles, geraniums, hibiscus, magnolia, mandevillas, petunia, portulaca, roses, salvia, shade trees and weeping mulberries.

Edibles to Plant this month: Asparagus (potted), artichoke, basil, capsicum, celery, celeriac, chilli, chives, choko, coriander, cucumber, eggplant, figs, lettuce, mint, okra, oregano, olives, parsley, passionfruit, pumpkin, radish, rockmelon, rocket, rosella, rosemary, sage, squash, stevia, sweet corn, sweet potato, tomatoes, watermelon, zucchini.

Garden Jobs for December

 1. Spray Red Spider Mites with Mavrik, Natrasoap or Eco Neem. Spray twice, two weeks apart to bring mite populations under control.

2. Apply quality wetting agents like Eco Wet, Grosorb or Aqua Wet to water repellent garden areas and lawns. Soil wetters allow water to penetrate deeply and quickly into our water resistant soils.

3. Control powdery mildew on zucchini, pumpkins, cucumber, squash or watermelons by spraying with Eco Fungicide (used in conjunction with Eco Oil). Also avoid overhead watering of foliage and watering at night.

4. Mulch, Mulch, Mulch! It’s always a good time to mulch. Mulch in summer is all important, it’s like sunscreen for the soil. It helps conserve soil moisture and thus is wonderful for plant health and encouraging soil life. Coarse grade mulches like chunky pine bark do a great job retaining soil moisture.

5. Help outdoor container plants through summer by applying a coarse grade mulch to the surface of the pot. Just remember to keep mulch away from the stems. To help you can use an old 125-150mm pot, cut the bottom off and then make a cut all the way down one side. You can then use this to make a collar to fit around the base of the plant to keep the mulch away from the stem/trunk.

6. Water container plants that are growing in full sun regularly as they dry out much faster than plants in the ground.

Planting Guide

1. Hibiscus – Hibiscus are one of the mainstays of Perth summer colour with long flowering displays of relaxed, tropical colour. With a little soil improvement at planting time, they thrive in our sandy soils. They are a fantastic option for flowering hedges or to hide fence lines. Hibiscus respond well to regular doses of Dawson’s All Purpose fertiliser, supplied at 4-5 week intervals. Water regularly and mulch well during the hottest months for best bloom production.

2. Shade Trees – Shade trees are vital in our climate. Their cooling and shading effects help to greatly mitigate summer heat build-up in residential areas. Strategically plant deciduous shade trees on the eastern and western sides of the house to provide welcome shading. With summer on the way it’s a great time to plant trees so choose cooling shade trees including; Ornamental Plums and Pears, Chinese Tallows, Crepe Myrtles and much more.

3. Succulents – Succulents are the ultimate water wise gift, and have such a diversity of form, size, texture and colour. Group several different types together to create a fascinating “living coral” type effect, it’s easy. Succulents are brilliant in all manner of containers, baskets and green walls. For an instant effect try our ready planted succulent bowls, they make a perfect Christmas gift and are wonderful for table top display.

4. Yucca Spellbound – A bewitching, soft leaved Yucca, forming a rosette of burgundy foliage to approximately 1.5 metres high. New foliage emerges green then matures to burgundy with age. Drought and heat tolerant once established. Full sun to part shade.

5. Fig Black Genoa – Figs are to Perth what the Mango is Brisbane! These hardy, Mediterranean fruit trees thrive in our climate and can even be grown in large tubs and wine barrels. Black Genoa is a sought after commercial variety with large conical shaped, purple-black skinned fruit. The flesh colour is red with a sweet complex flavour. It is a preferred variety for jam making or fresh eating. The main crop matures over late summer-autumn. With some pruning Figs can be maintained to 3m in height and width. Figs are self- pollinating.

6. Phormium Purple Haze – A large clumping flax with striking, rich purple, semi weeping leaves which have a bluish tinge on the underside of the leaf. Tolerant to frost, high winds and coastal conditions. Low water user once established. Approximate growing height 1.2 metres, width 1.5 metres.

7. Geranium Big Red – An intense, dark red flowering variety which flowers with great consistency throughout the year. Remarkably heat tolerant, non-fading blooms deliver that European Geranium look in spades! Mounded, semi trailing habit makes it a fantastic addition to feature pots and baskets.

8. Vinca Cora Cascade – These amazing trailing vincas form a carpet of colour all summer long. They are an ideal addition to beds, hanging baskets and pots, anywhere where their trailing habit can be shown off to advantage. They perform admirably through our summer heat and come in vibrant colours including; Polka Dot, Lilac and Cherry.

9. Mandevilla Aloha Series – For a real blast of tropical summer colour you can’t beat Aloha Mandevillas. These shrubby climbers flower their heads off all summer and are so easy to care for. Ideal for features pots around the terrace, patio, deck or pool. Choose from five summer colours: Bright Pink, Red, Dark Red and Regal Ruby.

Feature Roses for December


Standard Roses – Take your garden to new heights with elegant standard Roses. Standard Roses bring a touch of elegance to the garden and can be used to great effect to frame entrances or to add a whole new dimension to rose beds or feature pots. Choose your favourites from our huge selection including Gold Bunny, Satchmo, Iceberg and many more!


Friesia – Is a classic golden yellow floribunda rose bred by Kordes of Germany and released in 1977. It is a healthy grower and quick to repeat flower. It is one of the best floribundas and makes a wonderful flowering hedge, growing to 90-120cm. Freisia carries a strong fragrance and was awarded the American Rose Societies’ James Alexander Gamble Fragrance Medal in 1979.


Iceberg – Possibly the world’s most favourite rose, originally release by Reimer Kordes in 1958. Ever reliable, prolific clusters of pure white blooms throughout the season. Quick to repeat flower, it makes a fine flowering hedge and is often used to under plant standard roses of a contrasting colour for example; Satchmo Standards under- planted with Iceberg. Long may she reign!