Autumn is a Great Time for Gardening!

As we head into March refreshingly cool mornings usher in the start of autumn. While days can still be warm, it’s the beginning of a new cycle of renewal and growth in the garden. There’s plenty to do, planting, planning and preparing so let’s say Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn!

Flowering this Month: Begonia, bougainvillea, butterkins (sida), canna, cassia (Golden Shower Tree), frangipani, gardenia, hibiscus, illyarrie (Eucalyptus erythrocorys), oleander, strelitzia and vincas.

Plant this Month Ornamentals: Advanced trees, bougainvilleas, breynia, camellia sasanqua, cordylines, frangipani, geraniums, gardenias, hibiscus, magnolia, natives, pandorea, scaevola, star jasmine, syzygium (lilly pillies).

Edibles to Plant this Month: Banana, broccoli, celery, citrus trees, garlic, grapes, leeks, lettuce, mint, olives, oregano, parsley, passionfruit, rhubarb, sage, stevia, tarragon and thyme.

Jobs to do Around the Garden

  1. Give roses an autumn trim. To do this cut canes back about one third their length. Follow up with a feed of Dawson’s All Purpose fertiliser, to help promote autumn growth.
  2. Prune back rampant growth on grapes and ornamental climbers.
  3. Select seed garlic bulbs for planting late March and April.
  4. Look out for Citrus Leaf Miner damage. Protect young developing foliage by spraying fortnightly with Eco Oil.
  5. Prepare vegetable beds for autumn plantings. Blend in Dawson’s Soil Improver and treat non wetting soils with a wetting agent like Eco Wet or consider blending in Soil Solver, a mineral clay soil builder.

March Planting Guide

  1. Crassula Campfire – A spectacular, succulent with bright green leaves which turn fiery shades of orange and red in winter. A dense, spreading succulent growing to 30cm high. Adds great interest to succulent bowls, pots and beds.
  2. Princess Lily Theresa -This dwarf Alstroemeria has lush, green foliage and bright pink, Lily-like flowers. Long flowering period, mid spring through until autumn. Clump forming. Height 30-40cm. A hardy perennial for flower beds or pots. It’s a great cut flower too! Best in full sun to filtered light positions.
  3. Baby Bay – A fantastic, new dwarf form of Bay Leaf Tree growing to just 1m high and to 1.5m wide. It’s ideal for small gardens and container growing, or utilise it as an aromatic small hedge. Bay is a classic Mediterranean herb and is an essential component of bouquet garni. Bouquet garni is a bundle of tied herb sprigs used for flavouring soups, stocks or stews.
  4. Rhubarb Lider – Don’t be a Rhubarb fool! Grow superior quality, Rhubarb Lider, that has up to 60% red stem length compared to other varieties with as little as 30%! Rhubarb is low in carbohydrates, high in vitamins and delicious in pies, puddings, jams and desserts. Grow in rich improved soils, water well uringr the warmer months.
  5. Garlic – Our popular WA sourced seed Garlic is in store now! Growing your own full flavoured garlic is easy, and means you’ll have a fantastic home-grown alternative to the tasteless imported garlic found in many supermarkets. Our garlic bulbs can be broken down into a number of cloves for planting (usually about 6-10). Best planting time is late March and April. See our Garlic Fact Sheet for more information.
  6. Frangipani – It wouldn’t be summer without the constant show of glorious, fragrant Frangipanis. These slow growing tropical trees are at their very best from now till the end of autumn. Frangipanis grow slowly ultimately reaching heights of around 4m x 4m. They are really wonderful small garden trees and perform marvellously well in large tubs and pots for years, so they are a great choice for balconies, decks and apartment dwellers. Choose from our classic frangipani selection of white, pink, tri-colour and sought after red.
  7. Gardenia Ocean Pearl – An excellent variety of Gardenia with highly fragrant double, pearly white flowers over summer-autumn. Ocean Pearl is a dense grower to 50-90cm high and wide and is ideal for a fragrant low hedge and is a fantastic container plant. Plant in full sun to semi shade.

Feature Roses


Granada – A beautiful, large flowered blend of red, pink and yellow. This hybrid tea is one of the most deliciously fragrant we grow and was awarded the Gamble Award for Fragrance by The American Rose Society in 1968. It often flowers in clusters. A delight in the garden or as a fragrant cut flower.


Angel Face – This deliciously fragrant mauve-purple blended floribunda is definitely one of our favourites at Dawson’s. High centred, sumptuous blooms with slightly ruffled petal form. The petal edges are flushed with ruby adding more allure.  Angel Face belongs to an elite group of roses which have been awarded the American Rose Societies’ Gamble Fragrance award which is awarded to outstandingly fragrant roses. It’s a compact variety growing to around 1m and flowering in numerous flushes throughout the season.