Add a Splash of Colour to your Garden

In Your Garden

Flowering this Month: Agapanthus, Begonia, bougainvillea, butterkins (sida), canna, crepe myrtles, eremophila, erigeron, frangipani, gardenia, gazania, geranium, grevillea, ,hibiscus, kangaroo paws, magnolia, mandevilla, oleander, petunia, plumbago, roses, star jasmine strelitzia, stephanotis and vincas.

Plant this Month Ornamentals: Advanced trees, begonias, bougainvilleas, crepe myrtles, frangipani, geraniums, gardenias, hibiscus, magnolia, mandevillas, natives, oleander, roses, pandorea, scaevola, star jasmine, society garlic, syzygium (lilly pillies) and vincas traditional and cascading.

Edibles to Plant this month: Asparagus (potted), artichoke, banana, basil, capsicum, chilli, chives, choko, coriander, cucumber, eggplant, figs, grapes, lettuce, leeks, mint, okra, oregano, olives, oregano parsley, passionfruit, pumpkin, radish, rockmelon, rocket, rosella, rosemary, sage, silverbeet, squash, stevia, sweet corn, sweet potato, tomatoes, tarragon watermelon and zucchini.

Garden Jobs for February

  1. Mulch Camellias and Azaleas with pine bark mulch and feed with Sulphate of Potash to encourage bud development.
  2. Control sap sucking White Fly outbreaks by spraying with Eco Neem, Natrasoap or Confidor.
  3. Watch out for Mealy Bug which tends to build up quickly over the summer. The sap sucking insects are covered with white, powdery wax usually looking a bit like cotton threads or tiny tufts cotton wool. Mealy bug like hiding in protected places like where leaves sheathe around the stem or around leaf axils. Ants are usually associated with Mealy Bug as they feed on the honeydew secreted by the pest. To control treat with Natrasoap or Confidor.
  4. It’s not too late to plant summer colour! Colourful Vincas, Portulacas and Geraniums including Big Red are amongst the most heat tolerant.
  5. Treat dry spots in the lawn with a quality soil wetting agent like Eco Wet or Aqua Wett.
  6. Outdoor plants can be shielded in heat wave conditions by temporarily wrapping the outside of pots with cardboard, effectively adding another layer of insulation.

Planting Guide

Acmadenia Starblush  This Australian native look-alike is actually a South African native from the Western Cape, region. This Small, mounded shrub puts on a dazzling display of tiny, bright pink flowers for much of the year. Full sun/part shade position. Height to 50cm. Trim after flowering and feed with Controlled release fertiliser. Plant using Dawson’s soil improver.

Bougainvilleas  Create the “Wow!” factor with the vibrant colours of Bougainvilleas. Use them to hide sheds or fences, for security screening or to scramble up old tree stumps. There’s nothing like the sense of drama Bougainvilleas bring to the garden. Choose from our fantastic range including popular favourites like Penelope.

Correa Just A Touch  A wonderful Correa that is busy budding up nor for flowering over autumn and winter. A small rounded shrub 1m x 1m. Pendant, bird attracting bell- shaped flowers are almost white with just a touch of pink. Grows particularly well in semi shade areas.

Dampiera Glasshouse Glory  This new Dampiera originates from the Glasshouse Mountains in Queensland. A beautiful, mound forming, ground covering Dampiera which suckers to fill an area. Showy royal blue flowers over an extended period of spring and summer. Prefers well drained soils and a sunny position. A low water user once established. Equally at home in pots and baskets. Cut back periodically to maintain vigour.

Euphorbia Dwarf  These compact, ever-flowering “Crown of Thorns” succulents are ideal for sunny pots. Super tough, when the going gets tough they keep on flowering.  Choose from Dwarf Dark Pink or Cream flowering forms. Virtually indestructible and very rewarding to grow. Caution: Harmful of eaten, skin and eye irritant.

Fiddle Leaf Ficus  The most popular indoor of 2015 is back and better than ever! Broad fiddle shaped, deeply veined, glossy green leaves give this stunning Ficus serious designer appeal. Plant into feature pots for instant designer looks.

Gardenia Forever More  Sensuous Gardenias make the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts. This pure white, single flowering variety has unique propeller-like petals giving a pin-wheel type appearance. A Sweetly fragrant plant for gardens or tubs. Best in semi shade to full sun positions. Approximate growing height 1.5 – 2 metres, width to 1.2 metres.

Gardenia Ocean Pearl- Gardenia Ocean Pearl has a low growing dense habit reaching 50cm in height and with a spread of 60cm. Deliciously fragrant flowers are produced during the summer months. This compact variety makes a magnificent container specimen or utilise it for a low hedge. Full sun or part shade. Mulch during summer. We have some beautifully grown advanced size Ocean Pearls ready now!

Hibiscus- Hibiscus are one of the mainstays of Perth summer colour with long flowering displays of relaxed, tropical colour. With a little soil improvement at planting time, they thrive in our sandy soils. They are a fantastic option for flowering hedges or to hide fence lines. Hibiscus respond well to regular doses of Dawson’s All Purpose fertiliser, supplied at 4-5 week intervals. Water regularly and mulch well during the hottest months for best bloom production.

Lomandra Easy As– This super tough native grass is “Easy As.” It’s highly drought tolerant, frost hardy, even flood tolerant. Clump forming with narrow, slightly pendulous foliage. Feed with a complete, controlled release fertiliser once a year to ensure strong growth. Height to 60cm and width to 1m. Group plant for a natural look and makes a fine filler or border.

Westringia Jervis Gem- An outstanding compact form of native Coastal Rosemary, growing to around 1-1.5m. It is great in coastal soils and conditions and can be maintained as a clipped hedge to 1m. They prefer an open, sunny position with good drainage. It white-pale blue flowers are useful for attracting beneficial insects and pollinators to the garden.

Feature Roses for February


Edelweiss  This much loved creamy white flowering floribunda rose was bred by Danish breeder, Poulsen and released in 1970. Large trusses of petal packed flowers. Edelweiss is a compact grower usually 60-80cm high making it ideal for borders and low hedging.

HT Chicago Peace

Chicago Peace  A sport of the famous Peace rose. Discovered in Chicago and hence the name. Identical to the regular Peace except this form has rich, shimmering pink petals with a yellow base and reverse. Flower size is large with a slight fragrance. Height 120-135cm.


Midas Touch  This must be one of the richest golden coloured roses we grow. Its unique colour holds well and there is a light musky fragrance. The young blooms are wonderful for cutting. A tall, upright growing, hybrid tea to 150cm.

Tequilla Tiger

Tequila Tiger  An amazing “tiger striped” rose. High centred, perfectly shaped buds open to exotic blooms of pale gold and lemon, heavily striped and splashed with candy pinks and near reds. Something really different! Good cutting variety, producing long, strong stems with excellent vase life. 120cm.