Winter Planting

While in some ways Winter is the end of one cycle it’s also the start of another new growth cycle, filled with possibility. It’s a wonderful time to plan, plant, review and undertake major works in the garden. There’s plenty of planting to do with new season’s fruit and ornamental trees, natives, roses, camellias, flower and vegetable seedlings, so grab a spade and go gardening!

What to Plant

1. Vegetables and Herbs – Artichoke, asparagus, beetroot, blueberries, bok choy, broccoli, broad beans, cabbage, carrot, cauliflower, celeriac, celery, chicory, chives, citrus trees, coriander, climbing beans, deciduous fruit trees such as apples, pears, plums etc, endive, fennel, figs, garlic, kale, leeks, lettuce, marjoram, mint, mizuna, mustard greens, nectarines, olives, onions, oregano, pak choy, parsley, parsnip, passionfruit, peas, potatoes, radish, rhubarb, rocket, rosemary, sage, silverbeet, snow peas, spring onions, spinach, strawberries, swedes, tarragon, thyme and turnips.

2. Trees – Winter is the perfect time to plant deciduous trees, so grab a spade and start planting! Ornamental deciduous trees bring great beauty to any garden. Some favourites of ours are spectacular flowering peaches such as Prunus ‘Klara Mayer’ double pink, Prunus ‘Magnifica’ double red and Prunus ‘Alboplena’ double flowering white varieties. Designer pears are trees for all seasons and are easy to grow. Try Ornamental Pears such as Pyrus ‘Glen’s Form” Chanticleer and Pyrus Korean Sun. How about trying flowering plums this winter? Prunus ‘Nigra’ and Prunus ‘Blireana’ are two of our biggest seeling trees. If your back yard is a little tight for space then try Prunus ‘Oakville Crimson Spire’ and Pyrus Calleryana Capital’ which are tall but narrow growers ideal for narrow planting sites.

3. Fruit Tree – There’s something tremendously satisfying about growing your own fruit. At Dawson’s you’ll find a comprehensive range of fruit and nit varieties, all selected to perform and fruit in your garden. You don’t need to have a big garden to grow fruit trees. There are many dwarf or smaller growing varieties, ideal for growing in smaller gardens and pots. For our full range of fruit trees visit our 2017-18 Fruit Tree Guide

4. Orange Trumpet Vine – Is surely one of the most spectacular climbing plants. Covers itself with flame-like clusters of orange, trumpet flowers throughout winter. It’s a vigorous, evergreen, tendril climber ideal for hiding a fence, tank stand or ugly shed. Thrives in Perth and coastal WA.

5. Ornamental Kale – Looking for something different for some winter colour? Ornamental Kale might be the answer. Ornamental Kale are essentially ornamental cabbages grown for their colourful foliage. They produce tight rosettes of richly coloured, flat leaves in shades of pink, green, red, white and purple. They are at their best through winter-early spring. Use them for edging, in containers or group plant for a stunning effect.

6. Dawson’s Famous Roses – Winter is the perfect time to plant roses. Take advantage of our Winter Rose Sale and when you buy 4 roses in the same pot size you will receive a 5th one free! We are famous for our roses so come in and experience the Dawson difference for yourself.

Jobs to do around the Garden

1. Transplant Trees And Shrubs – Winter is perfect for transplanting as plants won’t be heat stressed at this time of the year and it’s easier to maintain soil moisture while plant re-establish. The key with all transplanting is to try to retain as much of the original root system as possible. Prune plants to compensate for the root loss during transplanting. Plant into soil improved with the addition of Dawson’s Soil Improver and keep transplants well watered until established.

2. Rose Pruning – Roses can be pruned in Perth any time from late June through till mid-August. If unsure how, attend one of Dawson’s free rose pruning demonstrations. Don’t be afraid to have a go. Pruning is always an invigorating process for roses. Hybrid tea roses, miniatures and floribunda roses can simply be cut back to half their original height, using secateurs, loppers or hedge shears.

3. Protect Plants From Snail And Slug Attack – Snails and slugs become more active following the first rains. These pests can be particularly devastating to new seedling planting so beware. The best defence is a light sprinkle of a quality snail bait like Multiguard Snail & Slug Killer.

4. Continue Planting in the Vegie Garden – A winter planting now of some favourites like broad beans, rocket, lettuce, parsley, silverbeet, coriander and kale will provide months of healthy winter salads and recipe ideas. It’s a good investment in your own health too. Garden fresh greens will boost your immunity to winter colds and flu.

5. Start Your Own Strawberry Patch – Our container grown plants are ideal for planting up your own pots and baskets or your own strawberry plants. Strawberry Chandler is a brilliant strawberry with sweet red fruit.