The Homestead Café

Step back in time as we explore the heartwarming history of the Dawson family and their cherished home, now transformed into a delightful cafe that warmly welcomes you.

Founded in 1903 by George Russell Dawson, the Dawson business flourished from its humble beginnings in Central Arcade, Perth. In 1918, a beautiful property in Forrestfield was acquired, destined to become the nurturing nursery that supplied their retail shop, located on Barrack Street, Perth. The Dawson family, consisting of G.R. Dawson, his wife Blanche, and their three boys—Bill, George, and Jack—made this land their new home.

With the help of local suppliers, “The Homestead” was lovingly crafted using a mix of local materials, including gravel, sand, and cement. The steel water piping used to reinforce the framework was the very same material used in the nursery’s reticulation system. The labor was mostly carried out by staff from the nursery, so every step of the way, the home and nursery were intertwined.

This charming abode served as the family’s sanctuary until the 1940s when the boys moved into their own cottages. GR and Blanche remained in the home until their passing in the 1950s.

The legacy continued as the property transformed into the heart of the Dawson business, welcoming various staff members over the years and then housing its offices. In a beautiful twist of fate, “The Homestead” found a new purpose in the 1984 era, evolving into a cafe. The Shire’s conditions gracefully adapted, and today, its walls stand adorned with cream hues, accents of deep green, and a terracotta roof.

As the years pass, this 100-year-old gem stands strong, a testament to enduring love and timeless design. Although the timber floors and ceilings are now memories, the warmth of shared moments still lingers within its walls. The two front verandahs, though inaccessible now, pay tribute to the spirit of yesteryears.

And as you step into this space, you become part of its ongoing story—a place where the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and the clinking of cups create new memories while honoring the old, where joy and camaraderie thrive, just as they always have.

Open 7 days a week from 10.00am to 3.00pm.

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