Predatory Mites (Phytoseiulus Persimilis) ***price includes express postage


Predatory Mites (Phytoseiulus Persimilis) offer a safe, biological control for damaging Spider Mites in your garden. Spider Mites are amongst the most damaging pests of roses, fruit trees, vegetables and many common garden plants. Populations start to build up in spring and then rapidly increase during the hot, dry weather over the summer months.

Spider Mites are sap sucking pests. First symptoms of Spider Mite attack is usually faint, white speckling or spotting on upper leaf surfaces. As populations build up, they can often be seen as silvery, grey-brown patches on the undersides of leaf surfaces. Severe infestations can seriously stunt plant growth and leaves can be sucked dry to the point where full or partial leaf drop can occur.

Predatory Mites attack and eat most species of Spider Mites including damaging Red Spider Mites also known as Two Spotted Mites (TSM). Once Predatory Mites are releases they quietly work away, helping restore a natural balance and keeping Spider Mite populations under control. Spring is the optimum time to release Predatory Mites, as the predators will help control Spider Mite populations as they naturally build up.

Ordering Predatory Mites: After placing your order, our partner Biological Services will promptly ship your Predatory Mites to you via Express Post. Each shipment includes a plastic cylinder with vermiculite spreading agent and approximately 5,000 Predatory Mites. You can expect to receive your order within 1-3 business days. Please note that Predatory Mites are dispatched only on Mondays to ensure timely delivery and avoid delays over weekends. Orders placed after 10am on Mondays will be processed and shipped the following week.

Releasing Predatory Mites: On receipt of your Predatory Mites introduce them as soon as possible* Predatory Mites are simply released by sprinkling the carrier material over the foliage of target plants (plants being attacked by Spider Mites ). *If you cannot release your Predatory Mites straight away, they can be stored for a short period by placing the bottle horizontally in a cool (6-8°C) and dark place.

Note: Predatory Mites are only available for Western Australian customers, they cannot be sent outside WA.

More information: Before ordering or releasing Predatory Mites we recommend reading our Using Predatory Mites In Your Garden fact sheet.